SLIM65 steel door-retro

SLIM-65 system, the visible surface is extremely narrow, energy - saving and environmental protection. The visible surface is 30mm. Material can choose carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and other products made into doors, Windows, partitions.
Use:Windows, doors
Applications:Residential, commercial
Profiles:Cold Formed Steel
Sizes:Profiles: 30-47mm | Wall thickness:1.5mm 
Characteristics:Very good structural values, narrow face widths, thermal breaks, slender frame moldings enhance the architectural styling while the innovative technology ensures the best possible thermal break.

SLIM65 are thermal break steel windows by PDA for 65mm glazing.
SLIM65 is very narrow steel profile system for doors and windows with an extremely reduced face. The cold formed steel material ensures a long service life.
In this way, SLIM65 not only meets the high design demands of ambitious architects but also the high expectations of discerning clients in terms of design and function. The extremely narrow, highly resilient steel profile system always ensures durable, highly stable constructions in an unparalleled slimline frame.

Application and use in Construction
Facades, Exterior / Outdoor


Acoustic Insulation, Thermal Insulation, Rust proof, Waterproof

Window Types/Opening Options
Outward-opening Door